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You can see from the photo, the woman dressed in a long gray robe, his face still post a gray beard, the other foot still wearing a pair of black fishnet stockings, the interpretation of "Lord of the Rings" Gandalf role, cheap red bottom shoes revealing a leg, very sexy.It is understood that this girl is actually 12 students in grades Melbourne Valcke. In order to participate in the dressing school day, Walker decided to imitate the movie "Lord of the Rings" in the wizard "Gandalf" corner, and with black stockings and high heels.


In response, Walker said, because this is the last day of school, so she would like to become the sexiest one who. I did not expect this change actually popular social networking ah. I have red bottom shoes for cheap to say, she really creative, think of this mix.


In other countries, there is a group of "courageous" man who experienced a day of wearing high heels! A man often heard women complain must wear high heels, this tired, he decided to challenge red bottom shoes for women cheap themselves, to wear high heels all day to prove "the girls really love to complain", but the result is not the same with him wanted.


A plurality of media have reported the strange experience of self-humiliation, including "insider report", producer of the program and even Cohen dressed than he published the video, but cheap red bottom high heel shoes also high gold high heels walked in a circle in the Plaza de Colón. They also asked him, What do you think of the pain felt by wearing high heels before.


He said: "The pain is really scary my entire leg are hurt, injured most of the next day my legs should be pain my body did not ease up, I usually do not like to exercise, through the red bottom high heel shoes cheap day before... After the high-heeled shoes, the next day I sat down and feel like when people with disabilities. I spent a long time roll and stretch the whole body.


Like any woman said, wearing high heels make you look very sexy, but they are not easy to wear for a long time. If you are a long standing wearing high heels, high heels and even the single bottom wedges also painfully. So men, after the stop girlfriend wear high-heeled hard to complain when she responded with dismissive attitude it!