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Heart of beauty in everyone, which is particularly important for women. The tall figure, compared with its own charm lot of extra points. High heels charm as a woman, one of the daily christian louboutin outlet essential "weapon", naturally attention. However, the infinite pole health alerts, killer heels like a beautiful, bring some negative impact on women's health. Below, the breakdown heels together and infinite pole a few sins it.


Lower extremity edema. Wear high heels all day, take off shoes at the moment, you will find a lot of swollen feet. This is because severe wear high-heeled feet by force, to put pressure christian louboutin sale outlet on the foot, leading to lower extremity edema.


Neck stiffness. Studies have shown that, if wearing 7 cm high heels to go two hours, neck stiffness will be increased by 22%. Because the height of heels of 6 to 8 cm, the body will produce changes the authentic christian louboutin shoes outlet center of gravity when walking, natural upward.


Wear knee. Down the stairs, the person's gravity will move down, the body weight is concentrated on the knee. Wear high heels down the stairs, knee pressure to wear flat shoes to be more christian louboutin sale outlet store than a few times, long-term wear can cause knee wear.


Since the heels are beautiful magic, how to wear to avoid suffer? Infinite pole a few small ways for you health Weapon it.US health experts found that the most suitable to wear 4 centimeters high heels, but christian louboutin outlet store online also conducive to weight loss, can effectively burn fat waist and abdomen.